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This is the source code repository for RE2, a regular expression library.

For documentation about how to install and use RE2,

The short version is:

make test
make install
make testinstall

There is a fair amount of documentation (including code snippets) in
the re2.h header file.

More information can be found on the wiki:

Issue tracker:

Mailing list:

Unless otherwise noted, the RE2 source files are distributed
under the BSD-style license found in the LICENSE file.

RE2's native language is C++.

A C wrapper is at
An Erlang wrapper is at and on Hex (
An Inferno wrapper is at
A Node.js wrapper is at and on NPM (
An OCaml wrapper is at and on OPAM (
A Perl wrapper is at and on CPAN (
A Python wrapper is at and on PyPI (
An R wrapper is at and on CRAN (
A Ruby wrapper is at and on RubyGems (