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Sefaria Samech

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • [[General FAQ]]
  • [[Database and Source Sheet Tutorials]]
  • [[Content FAQ]]
  • [[Copyright FAQ]]


  • [[Sefaria for Educators]]

Webmasters / Bloggers

  • [[Sefaria Auto-Linker]]

Contributing Textually

  • [[Understanding Sefaria's Structure]]
  • [[Guide to Contributing]]
  • [[How to Report a Mistake]]
  • [[Adding Non-English Translations]]
  • Current [[Textual Projects]]
  • [[Workflowy Text Outline Tool]]

Technical Documentation

  • [[API Documentation]]
  • [[Text References]]
  • The Structure of a Book in Sefaria
  • [[Index Records for Simple and Complex Texts]]
  • [[Commentaries in Sefaria]]
  • [[Categories as first class objects]]
  • The [[Command Line Interface]]
  • [[Source Sheets Document Format]]
  • Python Code Documentation on Read the Docs
  • [[Sefaria.js]]
  • [[Projects for Volunteer Developers]]
  • GitHub Issues for Sefaria-Project
  • [[Getting Started as a Sefaria Developer]] - guide for new Content Engineers

Tools & Tech

  • [[Regular Expression Engines]]
  • [[Workflowy Text Outline Tool]]
  • [[Datamining Mesorat HaShas]]
  • [[Commentary Matcher (aka Dibur Hamatchil Matcher)]]

Sefaria Coding Practice

  • [[Testing]]
  • [[Accessibility and Sefaria]]

Development Plans

  • GitHub Issues - user reported bugs and feature requests plus small projects that are appropriate for new contributors.
  • [[Draft Spec: Gardens]]


  • [[Projects Powered by Sefaria]]