Brett Lockspeiser acf782be85 Merge branch 'deploy' 6 days ago
client 9abc2e91f3 fix to double linking in Steinsaltz commentery - actually 2 months ago
datatype 0e417d2183 Shape API 11 months ago
gauth 3fd80cdef8 fixing GOOGLE_OAUTH2_CLIENT_SECRET_FILEPATH import 4 months ago
helper 5591d16f75 up-to-date with test and tests passing 1 month ago
model 803d224f5f finish refactor of search.get_new_and_current_index_names() 6 days ago
system f9a770fcb8 Merge branch 'cookie-notification' into deploy 1 week ago
tests 40e2b83f5b Loose up TOC integrity to support variance between TOC and search TOC 8 months ago
utils f7c5a6d733 Fix bug in getting custom haftara 1 month ago 78808849d1 Travis fix attempt 1 month ago daf58be589 Travis settings update w/ new vars 2 months ago 7d2cdb790c added Django scaffolding 6 years ago 8887a2e6a8 removed unnecessary django.setup() 2 months ago 628a73c323 Get pytest running (still a few tests failing) 4 months ago 1c03c007b7 Individual text translation workflows using VS. Put on ice. 3 years ago 71f1ef2fce make work with django upgrade 2 months ago e67b4b8bf7 Fix bugs on password reset paths 5 months ago 2dbd4424a5 Fix get_index_forest bug, clean out 3 years ago 6f55123bcd Pagination for text history pages 2 years ago 8ac48f8299 Merge branch 'master' into sheets-in-reader 3 months ago 4c4885d42b many small fixes to queries and pagerank 1 month ago e7a495d362 Add docstrings to modules 4 years ago 0c5eddae6d Source sheets in sidebar mostly working 2 years ago e347d38d72 Resize and compress user uploaded images 1 year ago 03f2cb12f7 add backwards compatibility for android search 3 weeks ago df9fb9ee40 remove some unused settings 3 months ago acf782be85 Merge branch 'deploy' 6 days ago 73a03a90df sitemaps hotfix (handle empty categories) 1 month ago 37321c9d24 Move ref collapasing logic in sheet stats 8 months ago f0c852e88f Deprecate sparseness scoring 10 months ago 8ac4c9b696 Refactor varnish package. sefaria.system.sf_varnish -> sefaria.system.varnish.wrapper 4 months ago 375ada7642 Rename static file 1 month ago f3fe60efc2 Repair /sefaria.js 1 month ago 5157634efd is dead. Long live 3 years ago 7d2cdb790c added Django scaffolding 6 years ago