Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Eliezer Croitoru b815c2ddfc Fixed a wrong debug output. 2 months ago
  Eliezer Croitoru d5a0a95c4b Changed symantec status. 3 months ago
  Eliezer Croitoru b766f72be2 Added an icap service that runs a series of queries against a list of services just for logging purpuses. 6 months ago
  Eliezer Croitoru c5296d770c Added an example of an ICAP service which logs requests hostnames. 7 months ago
  Eliezer Croitoru 52c5c137ce Added 3-Clause BSD license. 7 months ago
  Eliezer Croitoru 6b5502e3ce Added a logger mode which will allow squid to send queries to another server for logging purposes. 7 months ago
  Eliezer Croitoru 1d0c9492fe Fixed a typo in the squid external acl helper. 1 year ago
  Eliezer Croitoru 974b5612ce Added the squid-externalacl-by-url the feederMode option. 1 year ago
  Eliezer Croitoru f08b4f317c Added the public address of the SBV2 instance into th yaml file. 1 year ago
  Eliezer Croitoru 9d924f361c Added waiting groups for the external acl helpers to prevent a situation which a request is not being answered at shutdown. 1 year ago
  Eliezer Croitoru ae131a0b46 Made sure tat yaml lists works fine and that the check by url works fine. 1 year ago
  Eliezer Croitoru 66d0048916 Added come debugging sections. 2 years ago
  Eliezer Croitoru f2e113fc75 Fixed the check url function and added an helper for it. 2 years ago
  Eliezer Croitoru c049360df6 An update for the Makefile 2 years ago
  Eliezer Croitoru 222bf98b9c Added a function to check for a full url and src ip for http and https host types. 2 years ago
  Eliezer Croitoru 911092d063 Added an option to choose and use a yaml config file for the external acl helper and cli tool. 2 years ago
  Eliezer Croitoru 5da5160c8f Fixed a premature return in the yaml parsing and added squid yaml acl helper. 2 years ago
  Eliezer Croitoru 354a1fd780 Trying to add yaml support 2 years ago
  Eliezer Croitoru 8bbdca3cec Fixed a stray debug log 2 years ago
  Eliezer Croitoru d328237b80 Finished the debug for dns and dnsrbl 2 years ago
  Eliezer Croitoru 1223cf160b Added some debugs 2 years ago
  Eliezer Croitoru 521eb1df8b Added some debug option 2 years ago
  Eliezer Croitoru dfde16132a Trying to fix a bug. 2 years ago
  Eliezer Croitoru cf2456ae5e Fixed two typos preventing dnsrbl to work. 2 years ago
  Eliezer Croitoru 64b85672f8 Fixed a bug 2 years ago
  Eliezer Croitoru 1ac566d513 Finished adding dns port else then 53 2 years ago
  Eliezer Croitoru 7b317fea12 Fixed a missing import 2 years ago
  Eliezer Croitoru aa8172b098 Added the option to use dns port specific 2 years ago
  Eliezer Croitoru de5acfa434 Added a port to the http and https queries for the library to be compatible with squidblocker. 2 years ago
  Eliezer Croitoru cf99e969a2 Removed some un-needed logging 2 years ago